How to Elope in Scotland

How to Elope in Scotland : Stress-free Scotland Elopements

Discover the Majestic Beauty of How to Elope in Scotland. We make your elopement in Scotland stress-free and fun!

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Scotland Elopements: Planning a Scotland Elopement the easy way

Welcome to stress-free Scotland elopement planning, where we turn the intricacies of organizing your dream wedding into a delightful and enchanting experience! Planning an elopement may seem like a task, but fear not, because we are here to guide you every step of the way and make sure your intimate event in Scotland is nothing short of magical.

Scotland, with its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and charming venues, offers a plethora of options for your special day. Embrace the abundance of choices, for it means that you can truly customize your elopement to be a reflection of your love story. Whether you dream of saying your vows on a windswept cliff, in a historic castle, or amidst the lush greenery of the countryside, Scotland has it all, and we are here to help you navigate these options with ease.

While there are many things to consider, rest assured that we’ve got your back. Our team of experts knows Scotland inside out and will be your knowledgeable guide, ensuring that all the details, big and small, are taken care of. From obtaining the necessary permits to selecting the perfect vendors and coordinating the logistics, we’ll handle everything, allowing you to focus solely on the joy and excitement of your upcoming nuptials.

Picture a stress-free planning process where you can confidently make decisions, knowing that you have a dedicated team of professionals supporting you at every turn. With our assistance, you can transform the complexities of elopement planning into an enjoyable journey of discovery. As you delve into the wonders of Scotland, you’ll find that your elopement becomes more than just a wedding; it’s an adventure that bonds you and your partner even closer.

So, let go of any worries, as we’ll be there to make sure everything falls seamlessly into place. Your elopement in Scotland will be a celebration of love, nature, and culture, leaving you with unforgettable memories to cherish forever. Let us be your trusted partner in crafting a stress-free and extraordinary elopement experience in the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland. Together, we’ll make your dream wedding come true.

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The Ultimate Guide for Planning a Scotland Elopement

Not many couples have the courage to deviate from tradition and opt for elopement. However, it is often not only because of tradition but also because of the complex planning process. It is not easy to organize a union in another country, but with the right guidelines, everything is feasible. 

We have prepared an ultimate model that will guide and show you how to elope in Scotland. This is where you can start dreaming about your perfect union because we have covered everything you need. Our expertise will lead you on this journey and advise you on everything, from legal marriage actions to magnificent locations and adventurous activities. We will show you that you can have a dreamy elopement and even enjoy the planning process. 

So if you are thinking of eloping in Scotland, you are in luck because you can tie the knot anywhere! Just make sure you have a registered celebrant to make it official. You can go religious, non-religious, or whatever makes your day complete.

Scotland is the only UK place where you can legally tie the knot anywhere. This means that your planning task will be easier, considering you are not place-restricted.

However, it is necessary to specify the spot because you will need it for your marriage application. This might seem like the most difficult decision you will have to make, but we have your back. We know Scotland like the back of our hand, having lived here for years and with roots here. We’ve checked out some seriously stunning places, which we will tell you about later on.

Scotland elopements can be magical and tailored to your tastes and preferences. Let us know what type of scenery you are into – whether it is waterfalls, forests, city views, or mountains – and we can suggest some perfect elopement spots for you. This way, you can choose a location that is special and personal to you. It could be a place with sentimental value, a destination you have always dreamed of visiting, or just somewhere that fills you with joy and happiness.

This country has a whole range of breathtaking locations for eloping couples, from majestic mountains and unspoiled beaches to ancient forests and enchanting lakes. Any of these spots could make for a majestic backdrop for your intimate wedding ceremony.

When you are filling out your marriage paperwork, you will need to specify the location but also the date of your elopement. We can help you decide which month is best for your ceremony. Personally, we think September to November is the ideal time to elope in Scotland – the autumn colors and misty atmosphere are just magical. However, late April and May also have great weather, with plenty of sunshine and low rain chances.

We will explain the weather in detail, so you can see what suits you best and make an informed decision. We have included everything, so you will be guided on how to elope in Scotland from the very beginning and obtain the dreamy wedding you have always desired.

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Activities for an adventurous elopement in Scotland

Opting for an Alaska elopement means enjoying some of the most exciting activities on the day you exchange your vows. This state offers unique and breathtaking views, so you have plenty of options to include in your photographs. If you want to make your elopement memorable, we recommend being as diverse as possible with your activities. You can pick some for the big day and leave the rest for your honeymoon. But the most important thing is that you have choices – an abundance of them!

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle, which has been a prominent feature of the city’s skyline since the 12th century under the rule of King David I, is Scotland’s most well-known fortress. It is a highly visited national monument and the most astounding place to see.  

It sits atop the remains of an extinct volcano, providing breathtaking views of notable city attractions. Scotland elopements can have a miraculous backdrop from the fortress, such as Princes Street, the Royal Mile, and Holyroodhouse Palace.

Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye, which is the largest of Scotland’s inner isles, is recognized as “Cloud Island” due to the thick mists that often encompass it. The Vikings referred to it as “Sküyo.” It is a highly desired destination for nature lovers because of its mesmerizing mountain landscapes, verdant green glens and caves, stunning waterfalls, and sandy beaches. All of these natural wonders are condensed into a relatively small island that is only 50 miles (80.5 km) in length and 15 miles (24 km) in width at its center, making it an ideal place for exploring.

Its quaint little villages and deep inlets further enhance the island’s charm. Additionally, remnants of ancient oak forests can still be found, adding to its allure. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of a diverse range of wildlife, such as seals, otters, and more than 200 species of birds. To reach the island, travelers have two options: they can either take a passenger ferry or cross the bridge that connects the island to the mainland by car, which is a short drive.

If you are trying to figure out how to elope in Scotland adventurously, you cannot miss out on this beauty. It can definitely make your special day unforgettable!

Cairngorm Sled Dog Centre

The Cairngorm Sled Dog Centre, located in the heart of the National Park, provides an excellent day trip option for couples in Scotland. With various activities available, you can begin by exploring the kennel and museum before embarking on a sled-dog safari. This distinctive adventure offers a chance to intimately interact with these magnificent dogs and appreciate the scenery and wildlife from a fresh vantage point.

Best time to plan an Elopement In Scotland 

Considering the location is not enough when thinking about how to elope in Scotland. Namely, you need to take into account the weather because it plays a major role in the planning process. 

The weather in Scotland is highly unpredictable, and whatever you may anticipate it to do, it will most likely do the opposite. However, the constantly changing weather patterns give rise to stunning light and magnificent photo opportunities. If you plan on eloping in Scotland, it is imperative to have the appropriate gear, remain flexible, be patient, and be willing to embrace whatever comes your way.

If you wish to capture natural and unscripted photographs, wearing comfortable attire that allows movement is recommended. Scotland elopements that take place in the fall or winter require waterproof footwear that keeps your feet dry. During colder seasons, it is also advisable to wear thermals, wool leggings, gloves, and wool socks. To be ready for any unexpected weather changes, it is best to be equipped with warm layers and waterproof clothing.

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  1. Spring and Summer (March – September)

During summer, the daytime period is lengthened, meaning the daylight is present for a considerable amount of time. It starts at approximately 5 am and extends until around 10 pm when the sun sets. For those who enjoy photography, the best moments to take pictures during summer are in the early hours of the morning or late in the evening. This is because the light is more pleasant and provides striking effects. 

Scotland undergoes an astonishing transformation during the summer season, as it is covered with lush greenery and lively flowers, and the grass thrives in abundance. The warmer weather makes the country more vibrant, and there is a substantial increase in tourism. As a result, car parks are more likely to be filled up, and popular tourist destinations experience high numbers of visitors daily.

Scotland elopements can get crowded during summer months, so if you are not a fan of crowds, you might want to avoid this time for tying the knot. But if that does not bother you, you are in for a real treat!

  • March
  • Average temperature: 46º degrees
  • Sunset: 18:00 (early March) to 20:00 (late March)

Spring elopements in Scotland are categorized into two parts since March and April/May have considerable differences in weather conditions and overall ambiance. During March, the temperature hovers around 8 degrees Celsius, similar to the winter season, requiring warm clothing. March is a month of capricious weather in Scotland, with the possibility of experiencing all four seasons in a single day. 

However, it is also among the most dramatic and visually fascinating months for a Scottish elopement, with some of the best images captured during this time. If you are a couple that enjoys a bit of drama and is attracted to the misty, moody mountain look, and you are not afraid of the elements, March is undoubtedly the ideal month for you!

  • April – May 
  • Average temperature: 53º- 60º degrees
  • Sunset: 20:00 (early April) to 22:00 (late May)

April and May are typically some of the sunniest, mildest, and driest months in Scotland, making it an excellent time to visit if you are not fond of cold weather. The trees and hedgerows slowly come to life, with wildflowers dotting the fields and mountainsides, creating a sense of promise and excitement in the air. The character and colors of the Scottish landscape undergo a transformation during this period, with tones shifting from yellows, russets, and browns to vibrant greens as the leaves unfurl towards the end of April. Late spring is known for longer days and shorter nights, with the sun setting around 8 pm at the beginning of April and around 10 pm by the end of May.

However, the downside of the bright, sunny weather in the country during this time is that you may miss out on the misty, moody, and mysterious mountain vibes often associated with Scotland elopements. If you desire the truly dramatic mountain look as the backdrop for your wedding day, it is advisable to consider opting for an early spring, autumn, or winter elopement. These seasons are more likely to provide the desired weather conditions.

  • June – August 
  • Average temperature: 60-64º degrees
  • Sunset: 22:00 (early June) to 20:30 (late August)

In Scotland, June, July, and August make the summer season. During this time, you will notice that the landscape is much greener, and the snow has disappeared from the mountain tops, with everything in full bloom. Weather-wise, Scottish summers can be unpredictable, with intermittent stretches of warm, sunny weather. 

The average temperatures hover around 16-17 degrees Celsius, but occasionally, there may be heatwaves with temperatures reaching between 68º-86º. However, there can also be periods of heavy rain, though they are often brief. Therefore, if you are planning a summer elopement in Scotland, make sure to pack your waterproofs as well as your sunscreen! When determining how to elope in Scotland, do not forget about the frequent weather changes since unpreparedness can ruin your day.

  1. Autumn and winter (September – February)

Autumn and winter bring a miraculous change in the Scottish landscape, with muted browns and golden colors replacing the vibrant greens of summer. As the temperature begins to drop, the mountains start getting dusted with snow. 

During this season, daylight hours are much shorter, but the soft and beautiful light makes it an excellent time to capture photographs all day long. Despite the cold temperatures, the incredible colors of winter, the possibility of snowfall, and the lack of tourists make it worth embracing.

  • December – February
  • Average temperature: 42º- 46º 
  • Sunset: 3:30 pm (mid-December) to 5:30 pm (mid-February)

Elopements in Scotland from December to February take place during the winter months when the landscape is covered in snow and the temperatures are chilly. The daylight hours are short, but the soft winter light provides excellent opportunities for photography. The Scottish countryside transforms into a winter wonderland, with snow-covered mountains and frosty landscapes. Winter colors are muted browns and golden hues, which can create a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. 

  • September 
  • Average temperature: 57º degrees 
  • Sunset: 19:30 (early September) to 20:15 (late September)

Like with early and late spring, there are noticeable differences between early autumn (September) and late autumn (October/November) elopements in Scotland. During September, the landscape remains green, similar to the summer months of June to August, with the autumn colors yet to arrive. 

The weather in September is usually mild, with reasonable amounts of dry and sunny days, sometimes experiencing warm ‘Indian Summer’ days. Scotland during September exudes a relaxing and mellow feeling as summer transitions into autumn. Although September is not as busy as July and August, it still remains a popular time to visit Scotland. Therefore, booking accommodations in advance is advisable. 

  • October – November 
  • Average temperature: 66º-53º degrees 
  • Sunset: 19.:00 (early October) to 16:00 (late November)

Similar to early and late spring, early autumn (September), and late autumn (October/November), Scotland elopements are quite distinct. From the beginning of October, the fall colors start to emerge and reach their peak between mid to late October and mid to late November. During this time, temperatures fall to around 48º–53º degrees, and there is a chill in the air, especially in the mornings. While snow starts to settle on the mountain tops from mid to late October, it rarely covers the lower ground until December to January.

Autumn in Scotland is a captivating time with mists enveloping the hills and rich, warm colors adorning the landscape. As autumn progresses, the evenings draw in rapidly, with sunset at around 6:30 pm in mid-October and 4 pm in mid-November. For couples thinking about how to elope in Scotland in autumn, it is recommended to have the ceremony scheduled no later than noon to ensure ample daylight to capture striking photos. 

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The cheapest time to elope in Scotland

It is possible to plan a trip to Scotland during the autumn and winter months when prices for hotels, car rentals, and flights tend to be lower due to lower demand. However, it is important to keep in mind that Scotland’s weather is highly unpredictable and can change unexpectedly. Packaging appropriate clothing for different weather conditions is always a good idea. As they say, there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.

Scotland is a stunning destination for elopements regardless of the season or weather. Most couples who choose to elope in this country are easy-going, adventurous, and nature-loving individuals looking for an exciting experience. However, if you prefer a wedding where everything is pre-planned and perfectly organized, and the weather is certain to be sunny and dry, then an outdoor elopement in Scotland may not be the ideal choice for you. Elopements are typically spontaneous and relaxed, so it is essential to consider whether this event suits your style. If you enjoy the unpredictability and are up for a little adventure, figuring out how to elope in Scotland might be worth it!

Before diving into the month-by-month breakdown, it is essential to bear in mind that if you are planning an elopement in Scotland, it is important to prepare for the possibility of rain. Even though it is a beautiful place, there is always a chance that your wedding day may be wet. Nonetheless, it is rare for heavy rain to last an entire day, even in winter. Scotland typically experiences weather conditions that pass through quickly, particularly on island locations like Skye. Therefore, if you wait an hour or two, there is a good chance that the shower will pass over and the weather will clear up. 

The most noticeable change throughout the year in Scotland is the number of daylight hours, which varies greatly between summer and winter. During midsummer on June 21st, the sun sets around 10:30 pm and spends most of the day high in the sky. However, when it is midwinter – on December 21st, it sets around 3:30-4:00 pm and moves in a low arc over the lower horizon. As sunset is an ideal time for beautiful and atmospheric couples’ portraits, it is necessary to check the sunset time for the time of year you are planning your elopement. 

Furthermore, many people are unaware that the sun sets on the northwest horizon in summer and the southwest horizon in winter, with it only setting due west during late March and late September. This causes the way landscapes become shaded throughout the day to vary, giving different features to different times of the year.

Top tips while planning your Scotland Elopement

  • Edinburgh is Scotland’s capital, characterized by its small size and hilly terrain. It boasts of a medieval Old Town and a refined Georgian New Town with gardens and neoclassical structures. Overlooking the city is Edinburgh Castle, where Scotland’s crown jewels and the Stone of Destiny, a symbol of the Scottish monarchy, are kept. Holyrood Park features Arthur’s Seat, a towering peak that offers panoramic views, while Calton Hill is adorned with monuments and memorials.
  • English is widely spoken throughout the whole Scotland
  • The currency unit in Scotland and the rest of the UK is the pound sterling (£). Major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard, are widely accepted in Scotland, especially in larger cities and tourist areas. However, it is always a good idea to have some cash on hand for smaller transactions or in case of any issues with card payments.
  • Sneaker waves are a very important safety tip for anyone planning to visit the beaches in Scotland. They are a real danger, especially during stormy weather, and can be unpredictable and powerful. It’s always important to keep a safe distance from the water’s edge and to stay aware of your surroundings at all times. It is wise to check the weather forecast and tide times before heading to the beach.
  • When traveling, carry a copy of your passport and ID with you, just in case your original documents get lost or stolen.
  • Scotland is known for its abundant growth of moss everywhere, so it is essential to remember that you should avoid walking on and damaging it. Scotland, similarly to Iceland, has a delicate and unique ecosystem, and it is important to respect and preserve it. Walking on moss can cause irreversible damage that can take decades or even centuries to repair. It is sensible to stay on marked trails and avoid damaging any plant or animal life while exploring nature in this beautiful country. 
  • It goes without saying that dressing in layers and being prepared for any type of weather is crucial, especially in Scotland, where the weather can be unpredictable. It is also important to listen to locals and follow their advice, as they have experience dealing with the weather and conditions. And bringing sunglasses is a good tip, too, as the sun’s reflection can be intense on snowy or icy surfaces.
  • If you want to see the Northern lights, you should visit Scotland in winter since they are not visible in summer. 

Obtaining a marriage license in Scotland

To obtain the necessary documentation, you can request a letter from the National Records of Scotland (NRS) Marriage and Civil Partnership Team. This letter will state that a search has been conducted in the marriage indexes of Scotland and that no evidence of your involvement in a marriage has been found.

To request the letter from the National Records of Scotland (NRS), Marriage and Civil Partnership Team, you should send an email to the team and include the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your place of birth
  • Your current address
  • The purpose for which you require the letter
  • Any other relevant information that may assist with the search

Once the team receives your request, they will conduct a search of the marriage indexes in Scotland and provide a letter stating that no traces of a marriage involving you have been found.

How to register for a foreign marriage license in Scotland?

Citizens of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or Finland who are getting married in Scotland are required to present a certificate from their country to confirm that there are no obstacles to the marriage. 

The specific document needed varies by country: in Denmark, it is the “Ægteskabsattest” or “Certificate of marital status” issued by “Kommunen”, in Sweden, it is the “Intyg hindersprövning” or “Marriage license” issued by “Skatteverket”, in Norway it is the “Prøvingsattest” or “Certificate of no impediment to marriage” issued by “Folkeregister”, and in Finland, the required document is not specified. 

It is also possible for residents of these countries to submit a certificate from their country of residence confirming there are no obstacles to marriage. Additionally, individuals with a Scottish connection who marry outside of Scotland may apply to have their marriage recorded in the Book of Scottish Connections. Still, only marriages that take place within Scotland can be registered in Scotland.

It is important to contact your registrar or celebrant before completing the necessary paperwork for your marriage ceremony, regardless of whether it is a civil, belief, or religious ceremony. The registrar or celebrant can answer any questions and provide guidance. You can refer to the National Records of Scotland’s ‘How do I go about it?’ page and their information leaflet (RM1 – Marriage in Scotland [PDF]) for further assistance.

To register your elopement ceremony, you must submit your marriage notice form (also known as an ‘M-10’) by post to the district Registrar where the ceremony will be hosted. You can find a list of all Registrars in Scotland on the National Records of Scotland’s website [PDF], but your celebrant can also provide you with this information. Each person in the couple must submit a form along with the registration service fee of $47 each ($94 in total). However, contacting your chosen local Registrar before filling in the M-10 form is recommended, as procedures may differ between registry offices.

To enter the UK for a wedding or civil ceremony, you must obtain a Marriage Visitor Visa. The application process can only be started three months before the planned date. The marriage visa is a separate document from the M-10 and functions as a legal travel document. The application fee is currently $105, and the decision on your visa application will be made within six weeks, although it may take longer.

In the United States, ten premium visa application centers are located in major cities, but it may be more convenient to visit one of the 130 regional Application Support Centers. You must visit a center to have a standard biometrics appointment. Premium centers provide additional services, such as document assistance. 

There are various options for preparing and scanning your documents, and for peace of mind, it is recommended that you purchase at least the Bronze package for $410, though expedited packages are available for an additional cost. You must purchase scanning assistance when you submit your initial application and include the receipt in the paperwork sent to the UKVI Visa Processing Hub in New York. If you are traveling to a premium application center to utilize these services, why not make it a weekend city break?

If you choose to scan and upload your own documents, make sure to do it within the specified timeframe and preferably as early as possible. If you require assistance with document scanning, do not assume it will be available during your biometrics appointment, particularly if you are visiting a regional Application Support Center.

To get married in Scotland without a big ceremony, you will need two witnesses present at your elopement ceremony. If you’re being accompanied by family and friends, they can serve as witnesses. But if you’re planning a private elopement, we can act as your witnesses, which we have done for many couples in the past. You will need to submit the celebrant and witness details form [PDF] with your M-10 form to the Registrar.

Once your marriage is approved, you will receive your marriage schedule, which is an extremely important document. Do not lose it, and remember to bring it to your wedding ceremony as you cannot get married without it!

Your marriage schedule will be issued no sooner than 7 days before your wedding day, and the registrar will call you to let you know when it’s ready. You’ll need to collect it in person from the registrar’s office, which is typically open from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 17:00, although you should verify their hours of operation. This means that if you are getting married on a Saturday or Sunday, you will need to collect your schedule before 17:00 on Friday. Otherwise, you won’t be able to have a legal ceremony.

After your elopement ceremony, you must submit your marriage schedule to the Registrar’s office within three days of your wedding, weekends included. Otherwise, your marriage will not be legally recognized, and you want to avoid disappointment on such a big occasion! Many Registrar offices have a postbox, so you can drop off your schedule on a Sunday if you plan to travel before a weekday.

Different types of Elopement Ceremonies


If you still want some of your closest people next to you when you say I DO, then you can opt for an intimate ceremony. This means that you can give your parents and sibling a chance to see you get married. However, if you don’t want to exchange vows in front of them, you can always do it privately, without their presence.

Just us 

It is an elopement ceremony that involves only the couple, with no guests or family members present. So, all the special moments are shared between the two of you. Despite the lack of attendees, the ceremony is still legally binding and allows the couple to get married.


There are symbols used during a marriage ceremony that represents the decision to merge your life with your partner’s. These symbols can take many forms, such as lighting a unity candle, planting a tree together, or combining two different drinks into one.


If you’re thinking of having a religious ceremony in another country, it is a good idea to hit up your local place of worship first. They should be able to give you the lowdown on what’s required and might even have some sweet recommendations for churches to tie the knot in.


A symbolic elopement is the easiest way to get married away from home. But keep in mind that a symbolic ceremony won’t hold any legal weight in most places, so you’ll need to find an officiant to make it official and declare you as a married couple.


This ceremony usually takes place in a courthouse, where you sign the marriage license. Don’t forget that you will need a couple of witnesses (usually two) to sign the register alongside you. 

Scenic elopement spots in Scotland

The most exciting part of planning a Scotland elopement is picking out your location. This place is known for miraculous landscapes and magical scenery, so whichever place you use, you will absolutely enjoy yourselves- and your celebration! Here are some of the most stunning locations for getting married. 

The Isle of Skye

The Isle of Skye is widely regarded as one of the most romantic destinations for elopements across the globe.


Glencoe is a very picturesque location in the Scottish Highlands and is known for its stunning scenery and dramatic landscape. It’s a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers, and its rugged beauty has also made it a popular choice for elopements and weddings.

Wester Ross 

This part of Scotland is known for the best road trips in the United Kingdom.

Cairngorms National Park

The area is defined by the presence of old Caledonian pine forests that are green and lush, surrounding serene lochs.


Edinburgh is a great choice if you enjoy immersing yourself in historical and cultural surroundings with impressive architecture to admire

Isle of Mull  

The Isle of Mull is abundant with picturesque rolling hills, dense forests, captivating waterfalls, and historic ruins, as well as some breathtaking white sand beaches.

Scottish Highlands 

Eloping in the Scottish Highlands means having stunning mountainous scenery as a backdrop.  However, if you prefer a serene and secluded ceremony location, then the Alladale Wilderness Reserve could be an ideal choice for you.

Legalities to consider for your Scotland Elopement

  1. Will you need insurance for your elopement?

Protecting yourself and considering the worst-case scenario is always a good idea, even on your wedding day. While nobody wants to think about potential problems, preparing for the unexpected is important. Flights can be canceled or postponed, vendors may have issues or go bankrupt, accommodations can shut down, luggage can be lost, and medical coverage may not be sufficient. This is especially true in the current climate of uncertainty due to COVID-19, with flight cancellations happening even months in advance.

  1. Ceremony legalities

It can be challenging to organize legally binding ceremonies in several European countries, and thus, many couples opt for symbolic ceremonies during their elopement. However, in Scotland, getting married on public lands is possible as long as a humanist performs the ceremony.

  1. Vendors 

Please note that the rules regarding vendors working in different countries within Europe can vary depending on the country and its specific regulations. It is always recommended to check with the relevant authorities and ensure that all necessary permits and visas are obtained for vendors not located in the country where the wedding occurs. Additionally, it is always a good idea to have contracts with vendors that clearly outline their responsibilities and obligations and contingency plans in case of unexpected issues or cancellations.

  1. Extra costs 

Using a specialist currency transfer service such as Currency Fair, Transferwise, or Revolut can help you avoid potential bank transfer fees and currency exchange headaches. While it’s not an official legal requirement, it’s an important tip to consider when making payments or transferring money internationally.

How to get to + around Scotland for your Elopement

  • Flight 

Scotland has several main airport hubs located in cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen, which offer both domestic and international flights. In addition, smaller airports are located on some islands, which provide regional connections to the mainland. Flying can be a convenient way to get around Scotland, especially if you’re traveling long distances or to remote locations.

  • Ferry 

Scotland has a diverse range of ferry services that are not only important to island residents but also offer an exciting way to explore the beauty of these remote areas. Taking a ferry ride is often the beginning of a great adventure, and there are numerous options available to travelers looking to explore the Scottish islands.

  • Car rental 

Scotland is known for its stunning road trips. The diverse and picturesque landscapes, historic sites, and charming towns make for an unforgettable journey. All you need to make the most of it is a vehicle, good music, and some great company.

  • Bus + coach 

Scottish Citylink, Stagecoach, Megabus, and National Express are some of the main operators providing inter-city and longer-distance coach services around Scotland. These coaches are a popular and affordable option for travelers looking to explore different parts of the country.

  • Train 

Scotland’s seven cities are all accessible by rail, with the railway system connecting numerous towns and villages throughout the country. The main railway lines run north and south through both the east and west, but the most extensive coverage can be found in the central region.

  • Subway

The only subway system in Scotland is situated in Glasgow and is recognized as the ‘Clockwork Orange’ because of its vibrant exterior. It is a cost-effective and effective mode of transportation within the city, and some stations even offer a park & ride option for commuters.

What to wear for your Elopement in Scotland

  • The dress

When figuring out how to elope in Scotland, it’s important to consider the practicality of your dress for walking and exploring. Heavy fabrics and mermaid-style dresses can hinder your movement, while lightweight fabrics like tulle and chiffon will keep you cool and photogenic. For colder months, nude leggings are recommended as base layers to keep you warm.

  • The shoes 

Avoid uncomfortable dress shoes for an adventure elopement, and consider pairing your wedding attire with hiking boots for a more adventurous look. Ensure the shoes are broken in before the big day for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

  • The suit 

A three-piece tuxedo is suitable for an elopement if you’re not planning to hike or during colder months. However, it may cause overheating during summer. Opting for a button-up shirt and dress pants is a more comfortable yet elegant alternative. If eloping during cold weather, thermal base layers under your clothes can provide warmth.


How To Safely Have an Elopement in Scotland 

Edinburgh and Glasgow have a vibrant cultural scene with museums, music, and great dining options, while the rest of Scotland boasts rugged and beautiful landscapes. Scotland is relatively safe to visit, but visitors should exercise caution in certain areas and situations like any other place. The government is committed to keeping Scotland safe, and crime has been on a downward trend for the past decade. 

However, Edinburgh and Glasgow have the highest crime rates due to gang-related activities, so visitors should be street-smart and keep valuables in hotel safes. Pickpocketing groups are known to operate in some areas of both cities, so visitors should split their money and be vigilant in places such as Edinburgh Old Town, Edinburgh Castle, and Buchanan Street. Therefore, when discovering how to elope in Scotland, consider including safety as a factor. 

Scams to Consider when you Elope in Scotland

Fake tickets: Beware of fake tickets, especially in Edinburgh, where they are commonly found. To avoid this issue, purchase tickets directly from the company or official ticket counters instead of buying them online.

The gold ring scam: Be aware of the Gold ring scam, where a person of gypsy origin will offer you a gold ring they found on the floor. They’ll point out the ’18k’ stamp on it, but it’s actually polished brass with no value. They’ll suggest giving it to a family member as a gift, but in return, they’ll ask for money or steal from you while you’re distracted.

Fraudulent tour operators: Be wary of cheap tours and avoid paying with cash or through money transfer. Stick to reputable tourism websites and check for secure website connections, proper grammar, and customer reviews.

Fake police: They may approach you pretending to be a tourist and ask for your photo. Then, they will steal your valuables while distracting you with a routine check of your belongings. Always ask to see the badge of anyone who claims to be a police officer and call the police station to verify their badge number.

Scotland Elopement Packages

Starting off at $14,000

12 hour non consecutive Scotland elopement full-day package 

This elopement photography package includes full-day coverage from sunrise to sunset, spanning 12 hours of non-consecutive shooting. The coverage includes capturing the emotions that are contained in every moment, such as first looks, hiking, ceremony, celebration, and star shots. The package also provides printing rights and a digital gallery for viewing, downloading, and online image ordering, along with a print release for personal printing, posting and sharing. It also offers customized location scouting and research, optional complimentary officiant services throughout the United States, permit assistance, vendor recommendations, custom elopement timeline, and unlimited consultation calls.
AND I can marry you!

In addition, all travel fees for your Scotland elopement photographer are included in the package.

6-8 hour Alaska elopement package 

Starting off at $12,000

This package includes coverage for the couple and up to 4 witnesses for up to 6-8 hours on a weekday or weekend. It also provides printing rights, a digital gallery, location scouting, permit assistance, vendor recommendations. Optional officiant services are also available. The service also offers customized location scouting and research, optional complimentary officiant services throughout the United States, permit assistance, vendor recommendations, custom elopement timeline, and unlimited consultation calls. Also, all photographer travel fees are included in the package.
AND I can marry you!

We hope that you’re now more confident in deciding that this historical adventure is what you need for your upcoming elopement. If you are ready to plan your Scotland elopement, feel free to get in touch. We know we can make this a venture to remember for you.

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