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Are you a mom that needs to gain her self-confidence back and see yourself how your spouse sees you? 

Have you been working towards a goal in life and you want to document a milestone?

Do you have an anniversary coming up and want to spice things up?

Are you going through a hard time in life and just need a reminder of how badass you are?

If you said yes to any of these, this is why you need me. I take a different approach to boudoir photos where I actually bottle up the experience, real true-to-yourself moments of the exact stage you’re in. Boudoir photography is so much more than sitting, feeling nervous and being put in weird positions that don't fit your body type. 

Let those flapjacks out and the tiger stripes shine, baby! Because I can make the most nervous people who hate having a camera in their faces have the best time of their lives!

Regular Package starting at $1490
Mini Day Package starting at $350

The boudoir experience

you deserve to feel beautiful and true to yourself. I can show you just how stunning you are. Yes, even if you feel like you look like a dump truck

what to expect

Tell me all about you!

First, you reach out via our contact form! Then I will get back to you within 24 hours (Make sure to check your spam just in case!). You'll get an email jam-packed with details and how this works! Then we will find a time to chat on the phone to talk more about why you want a boudoir experience.
Ask me how to get FREE hair & make-up!


Reserve Your Session Date

Once we have talked and the date has been selected, you will pay the retainer and sign the contract. Then the real fun begins!!


We plan out the details

 As soon as you have paid your retainer and signed the contract you will receive a “how-to” session guide. I have wonderful services that allow you to pick through our client wardrobe closet at NO cost. You decide on how revealing you want the session to go.


Have a blast

I know how intimidating it can be when thinking about doing a boudoir but let me reassure you, I'm a freaking blast! You will have more belly laughs and end the session feeling truly beautiful! And yes, even if you feel like you look like a blimp. I change how you see yourself


Experience it all over again with your photos

 You will cry as you pick out the images you want. It will change your life on how you see and feel about yourself. You will see what it's really like to LOVE your body.
We will become best friends and you will come back for more holiday photos. If you keep coming back every year you get placed on the “friends and family” discount for being so loyal!


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Boudoir experience

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Have you thought about how you want to present your photos to your loved one, or how you want to keep them for yourself?

Are you a digital person who loves to make their own prints, canvases or albums? Cool! We have the most perfect digital packages.

Are you someone who freaking loves albums? We have the best ones around. They are LARGE real Italian leather or suede with super thick pages. They come with a 15 year warranty and able to customize it the way you want.

Love the idea of walking into your bathroom and seeing a big ass canvas of yourself? We have a complimentary designer team that helps with placement + style to make sure it fits the area and decor of your home!

wow yourself with our products

Do you do couples boudoir?


photo packages

Whats included

Complete access to the boudoir guide with detailed planning

Ask about how to get free hair and make up 

up to 3 Wardrobe Changes + Access To The Client Closet

The Basic 

Whats included

The Heirloom 

Complete access to the boudoir guide with detailed planning

Ask about how to get free hair and make up  

unlimited Wardrobe Changes + Access To The Client Closet

$500 retainer

$700 retainer

Yes, yes and yes. I have a whole client wardrobe closet that ranges from xs-xxxl. I cover EVERYONE and their body types. 
I also have things available to clients such as angel wings, neon lights, clouds, and watershots. 

I have no idea what I want to wear, do you help with that? 

While most of my clients love using their own homes, I have a huge variety of places that is listed in the boudoir guide. We also have a beautiful townhome that we use to shoot in when it's available.

How do we choose where to have the session?

The beauty of boudoirs, at least the way I do them, is only based upon your comfort level and personality. I have clients that want to see the raw sexiness of their whole body, and then I've had clients where they only want to show legs and tummy.  

Do I have to get completely naked?

uh, NO! 1000% no. I have shot a range of clients where they were going through a divorce and needed a "pick me up", clients that have been married 30 years, clients who want to celebrate turning 60, clients who are newlyweds, clients who are single moms. Boudoirs are for everyone.

Do you have to be engaged to do a boudoir?

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the "that's normal" club. It is normal for bodies to change, it's normal for bodies to have stretch-marks, loose skin, rolls and hair. THAT'S NORMAL. I take what people are insecure about from comparing themselves to IG models and proving to them that they are just as beautiful the way they are. It's how you're made!

I'm super nervous because I'm not the skinniest girl and I have a lot of stretch marks...

I was so nervous about doing a boudoir session, but when I reached out to Brittney she made me feel like a freaking bomb-ass queen. 
We laughed the whole time and I had never felt so comfortable and confident before! My photos and experience was one of the most amazing things I've ever done for myself. 
Even if my husband doesn't look at them as much, I know I will. I just look at myself and like, "DANG! THAT'S ME!!!"
I literally cried at our viewing appointment. All of my insecurities went out the window and for the first time, I loved myself for who I am.

I've never felt more beautiful in my life

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