Ellie Mae’s Birth

Amarillo Birth Photographer

My sweet sister finally gave birth to my precious little niece and I can not wait to show her off

Ellie Mae
May 20, 2022
11:43 pm
6 lbs 6 oz -19in

My favorite memory from our birth was seeing Brandon’s face as they pulled her out. The way he lit up and then just lost it at the sight of his daughter. I will never forget the way he looked.

I picked Brit because I had to since she’s my sister… just kidding! But because she genuinely cares about you, you can see it in her work as well as her actions towards you as a client. She treats you like family, doesn’t matter how long you have known her she lights up when she is working. She is very detailed oriented and finds things to capture that others wouldn’t think of capturing. She gets excited with you and for you, and she makes you feel loved.

The advice I would give a new mom when their birth plan didn’t go as they wanted would be that as much as it hurts, and it will hurt to no be disappointed in yourself. You as a mom
are not a failure, you have to do what is right for your child. In the end it’s Gods plan over yours and it’s your child’s health and well being that trumps everything. Don’t be afraid to morn what you wanted. Give your self time to morn and heal from what you wanted. But just remember you are a an amazing mother no matter if you choose to have an epidural or not. If you have a natural birth or have to have a c-section. We as women are truly bad asses. We literally bring life into this world and it doesn’t matter how we do it.

If you can not handle the sight of a c-section or blood you should skip the middle part

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