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This is for the couples who care more about the experience of their wedding surrounded by their most favorite people in the world. The couples who understand just how important photography coverage is for the most meaningful day of their lives

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Texas Elopements

Destination Elopements

Pacific NorthWest Elopements

the experience of how you say  your vows matters

so just where are you looking to have fun?

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Big Bend + Santa elena weddings

Palo Duro Canyon weddings

Our Favorite locations list

 finding the right photographer that will make your day purely stress-free and KNOWS what they’re doing. Someone who specializes in targeting the emotional, real raw vulnerable private moments between you and those you love. Someone who won’t mess up the moments between your first look or your ceremony. Someone who knows how to set up lighting for that dark reception area, or knows exactly what comes next on the timeline.

the secret to having the best elopement is

You deserve to have a wedding day that you truly remember as the best day ever. This is our process of turning your dream into a reality.

5 Steps to Create
Your Wedding
Your Way

Tell me all about your dream day

First, we will chat via phone or email and get to know each other while you tell me all about your day! It's totally fine if all you know is a general season and scenery. Im here to help you figure out the rest. Then you get to decide if we are the right fit for each other!


Book Your Elopement Date

The only thing you have to have to book with us s a set date. Certain months do fill up faster than others so reach out as soon as you know. Once you know your special date you can sign a contract and place a retainer with us and then the real fun beings!


Create your wedding your way

Once you are officially a Texas Adventure Elopement couple we get into the nitty gritty of planning. You fill out our location sheet as well as our timeline questionnaire and we help you come up with a day that truly reflect you as a couple! Its 100% your best day ever. 


Get married on the best day ever

After we are done planning and your big day rolls around you get to finally get married to the love of your life. Surrounded by the people you love and no expectations you get to enjoy the best day of your life. Whether hiking through Big Bend or hanging with family in an airbnb, your day is finally here.


Experience your day all over again with your photos

4-8 weeks after your elopement day you get the email you were waiting for!! Your images are here! You get to snuggle up with your partner and relive your day all over again.


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Contact me and lets get started planning your                  

Dream Elopement

So how do we help to make your wedding day stress-free & fun?

Consider us your...

elopement advocates and of course, bad ass photographers

1. Encourage you to bust out of your mothers wedding industry and truly create a wedding day that reflects the two of you.  

2. Give you tons of ideas for all the best locations, States, Countries, and basic logistics to help you plan out your day. We also have tons of vendor recommendations and can get you in touch with people from all over to help your vision truly come to life. I also know lots of cool activities to do to make your elopement truly stand out. 

3. We are your biggest cheerleaders from start to finish and it helps that we are really freaking good at being the best wedding photographers around.


Eloping doesn't automatically mean hiking. There are lots of beautiful places accessible by car, helicopter, or short walk. If you are wanting to hike then great! If not, there are tons of other options that are just as amazing. You could event rent a beautiful Airbnb and get married on the back porch. As long as its 100% authentic to the two of you then its perfect.

Do I have to hike for my elopement? 

While it's ultimately up to you both we will 100% percent help you figure out where you want to get married. You'll answer a few questions on our questionnaire and we will talk on the phone. Then we will research the perfect spot for you two to say your vows and send you over a custom location list. We will talk through all the possibilities and you'll pick a the perfect place for the two of you.

How do we choose where to get married?

The beauty of eloping, or planning a vow renewal, is that you get to decide! If you and your partner closed your eyes and imaged your perfect day what would it look like? When you woke up where would you be? What would you do first? What would eat? What would you do all day? What would make you feel the happiest? The most beautiful? The safest? When you decide to create your wedding your way the possibilities are endless. 

What does an all day vow renewal or elopement look like?

NO! 1000% no. Eloping means that you want to be more intentional with the friends and family you do invite and while we don't typically photograph weddings over 25 people. Families are absolutely invited to share in your greatest adventure yet. 

Does Eloping mean my family cant be there?


we can help

we know how to help pick the best places that fit your personalities and vision

so you want to elope but dont know where to go?

I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

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OUR 2022 Travel Schedule


Monahans Sandhills / PALO DURO canyon

PALO DURO canyon /  JOSHUA TREE / Death Valley

PALO DURO canyon 

BIG BEND / PALO DURO canyon / Colorado

bIG bEND/ pALO dURO canyon 



Arcadia National Park / Palo Duro Canyon

Colorado / BIG BEND  / PALO DURO canyon 

Jamacia / BIG BEND / PALO DURO canyon 


Barbados / BIG BEND / PALO DURO canyon