40 Over 40 Minis

As we age, we experience a lot of physical changes to our bodies such as menopause, decreased energy levels, and changes in our skin and hair. Sometimes these changes can be a hard pill to swallow because we remember what energy felt like back in our 20s. I know it’s things that I struggle with but learning that I deserve to love myself and celebrate my age.

We are balancing the demands of caring for aging parents or other family members, while also managing our own careers and family responsibilities. We tend to cater and care for our loved ones around us but rarely do we ever take the time for us. It’s time you get to experience what it’s like to LOVE yourself and see yourself in all the beauty that you are.

Whether you’re struggling with divorce, dating, and finding a partner who shares your values and goals, or simply in a happy marriage but really need to bring your light out, this is for you. This is for the busy women who don’t see the beauty that they are but they want to. This is for the women who want to lovingly embrace our ever changing bodies to walk in confidence.

You deserve to walk in confidence. You deserve this

Come join me and my famous Hollywood make up artist for a day of pampering and life changing confidence boost. We will treat you to professional hair and make up, drinks, belly laughs and stunning photos.

Call or text 806.681.2011 to reserve your spot and to learn more or simply click here to shoot me an email.

***Updated- we only have just a few spots left!

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